How to choose a car jack?

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Tires are fundamental items for safety and greater performance for the car. Therefore, it is extremely important to know very well the types of tires and the difference between each one, to know which one is ideal for each vehicle and objective. Find more here: firestone firehawk indy 500 review

For those who like sports vehicles or with greater traction response capacity for higher speeds, High Performance tires, known as UHP, are an excellent option. They are indicated for vehicles such as Porsche, Mercedes and BMW, as they allow greater action on the roads, with more safety to run on dry or wet tracks.

Manufacturers, such as Delinte Pneus, have already conquered space in this segment. “Delinte is specialized in this segment of the UHP (Ultra High Performance) line, and has high technology used since its manufacturing processes. This technology has international certification, which allows us to produce tires even for aircraft. The brand was born with High Performance in its DNA, developed to serve the UHP market ”, explains Denis Mengarda, commercial manager of GP Imports, a company that represents Delinte in Brazil.

For those who want to know more about the characteristics that differentiate High Performance Tires, we have separated some advantages. Check out!


Just as a high-performance athlete needs good shoes, with sophisticated features in comfort, stability and performance, premium cars need tires with materials that allow them to fully exploit their potential.

One of the great differentials between a common tire and a High Performance is the material and unique composition. “Delinte tires are made with differentiated raw materials. Employing a high degree of technology and thus achieving an ideal compound, aligning safety, performance and also yield. That is why it makes the tires so unique and strong for high speeds ”, explains Denis Mengarda.


The design and development of tires are fundamental for increasing the quality index. In the case of Delinte, the manufacturing process is done in Asia using the latest technology for production. “Our tires are produced in automated factories, known as industry 4.0, also called the fourth industrial revolution. This same factory produces tires for airplanes and has obtained several certifications that prove its quality ”, comments the commercial manager.


With the main technological innovations for high quality production, High Performance tires are more resistant. “The load and speed rates for these tires are much higher. In addition to better traction and temperature rates than ordinary tires and high treadwear, which indicates good durability ”, says Cleyton Komogawa, Account Manager at Delinte Pneus.


Some premium automotive brands deliver much more capacity in their models than other conventional vehicles, so it is essential that these cars are equipped with tires that accompany all this superiority. For those with ultra power, UHP tires have different compounds from the most popular lines, since these are aimed at those looking for lower cost.

The UHP, on the other hand, due to their unique characteristics, allow the use of a vehicle to its maximum potential. “As the term makes clear, the tires make it possible to exploit all of their technology and capacity on the track, ensuring High Performance. In addition, it gives the driver more control over his vehicle in all kinds of situations and offers good performance in acceleration, curves and braking ”, concludes Cleyton Komogawa.


How to choose a jack? Every day we come across this issue from our customers. Now on the Belarusian market there are many varieties of jacks of different price categories. How to choose a jack for your car? In this article, we will talk about how to choose the jack you need without spending extra money and be sure of the reliability of the product you are buying.

Lifting capacity!

We want to pay particular attention to this criterion when choosing a jack, because not only the amount of money you have overpaid depends on the correctness of the jack, but also if you make the wrong choice, you can get injured during operation and damage the car.

This characteristic indicates the maximum possible weight of the load lifted, i.e. what weight the jack is designed to lift. Typically, the lifting capacity of the jacks varies from 1 ton to 50 tons. Cars, as a rule, weigh up to 1800 kg, SUVs up to 2900 kg. How to choose a jack? Here is a simple example: Volkswagen Polo's weight is approximately 1200 kg, but do not forget about things that can be in the passenger compartment and trunk of a car.

Minimum lifting height!

When choosing the height of the jack, you should take into account the CLEARANCE of your car and the height of the selected jack when you are folded, however, you also do not need to forget about things that can be in the passenger compartment and trunk of the car, because if you are on the road and your car is loaded, then the clearance of your car will change. We give an example on the same Volkswagen Polo, whose clearance is 170 mm. For this car, a jack with a folded height of 100 mm is suitable. As a rule, with a low pick-up height, manufacturers produce mechanical rhombic jacks and hydraulic rolling jacks.

Type of Jack (drive):

Jacks mechanical:

Mechanical rhombic jacks are hand-operated devices designed to lift loads. Lifting is carried out smoothly and at precisely the specified height, as well as instant lowering of the load with a small working effort. Has a handle at which lifting is carried out. Enough budget option, suitable for passenger cars. They have a compact size, convenient for storage in the trunk of a car.

Mechanical screw jacks are a device with a telescopic screw mechanism designed to lift loads, allows for smooth lifting of the car and its installation at exactly the specified height. The extended crank included in the kit allows you to work with the jack without bending, which is very useful for controlling the lifting height. They have a compact size when folded, convenient for storage in the trunk of a car.

Hydraulic jacks:

Rolling hydraulic jacks allow rolling and installation under load, smooth lifting and precise stop at a given height. They have high resistance to skew and fall of the load. Most often used for lifting goods in a garage or bus station.

Hydraulic bottle jacks have a hydraulic mechanism designed to lift loads to a given height. They are distinguished by their smooth running, reliability and rigidity. Hydraulic jacks can repeatedly enhance human movement and provide lifting of the load of almost any weight. They have a compact size when folded, convenient for storage in the trunk of a car.


Summing up the conclusions made by us, we want to say that the choice of a jack is an individual matter, everyone can find the pros and cons during operation. For further info, click here: Automobile Remedy

When buying a jack, you should pay attention to:

1. Lifting capacity

2. Minimum lifting and pickup height, taking into account the clearance of your car.

3. The maximum lifting height.

4. Weight of the jack

5. Type of drive.

We are glad if, our article helped you understand the varieties of jacks.

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